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Chris Perry

Every Hero is A Little Chicken TM


Chris Perry, sculptor with a pencil: We all have our fears to face. The world’s dark but laughter can bring the light. I believe we can all overcome our darkness if we remember to be light-hearted. Through humor my work strives to be a light on a hill.

My narrative art shows a colorful and beautiful world that is both light and dark. The hero’s tail is typically attached to a chicken. Why? Because we need dark to appreciate the light. Because heroes are not heroes unless they are afraid. Because every hero is a little chicken. 

Stephen Silver (Creator of Kim Possible) says:

Chris Perry character design work is innovative, refreshing, and reflects a deep creative aesthetic. His sense of humor and joy for what he does is contagious. He offers a unique style of colored pencil (combined with Photoshop) renderings for kid’s books. I feel the style would be a perfect fit for any publisher looking to work with a dedicated artist. 

Brian Ajhar (Illustrator of New Yorker and Children’s Books) says:

His desire and enthusiasm and fascination with storytelling and character development has a personal approach. Chris at his best can create a complex environment with multiple characters while attracting your attention to where he wants you to focus. His ability to drive his point of view is a natural fit for the publishing world as Children’s Book illustrator.